Top 5 Christmas gifts your Bae/bestie will love (under $40)

Top 5 Christmas gifts your Bae/bestie will love (under $40)


Top 5 Christmas gifts your Bae/bestie will love (under $40) 

As we approach the holiday season, it’s easy to spend more than your bank account can handle! Gifts for your girlfriend, best friend, or mom can add up quickly while Black Friday deals only take you so far. But having a set budget doesn’t have to prevent you from spoiling the ones you love! 

We’ve summed up the Top 5 Gifts under $40 to get a bang for your buck and a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Whether she’s a beauty/makeup fanatic, music lover, romantic, or needs to add some self-care and unwinding in her life these gifts WILL DO THE TRICK!



Custom Pendant Necklace 

This Super Cute Pendant necklace is perfect for your babe that would love this for the holiday season! Not only is this gift affordable, but it’s also something she could strut every day! This simple yet cute idea is super romantic! 


Spotify Custom Glass 

These are becoming increasingly popular as I’ve seen them almost everywhere on Tik Tok. If you’re not the DIY type, you could grab this super unique led-lit frame for around $30. It syncs to music, which makes the perfect night light! I mean, who doesn’t love seeing their bae every night while you sleep? :) And yes, you’ve guessed it, you can snap a picture of the Spotify barcode and play the song as much as you’d like. This gift is one of my favorites while being super affordable. IT IS A MUST FOR ME! 


Slippers/ Fur Slides 

Are these slippers the more affordable version of Uggs? These slippers are perfect for this winter season. With over 1000 positive reviews on Shein. Not only are these super cute and cost-friendly, but they also add a flair to an everyday casual outfit. These slides cost around $8-$12. You could throw 2 or 3 pairs in your cart for this price! 



 Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) 

Maybe she needs a little something that’s better than her laptop or phone to listen to music too. It’s not necessarily a high-definition sound system, but it does its job, and it does it well! It’s small enough for compact areas and could be bought with or without a led clock! 



Magnetic Lashes 

If your bae/best friend is a lash fanatic, these will become a dream come true for her! Not only are they more than 50% cheaper than lash extensions and glue on’s, but they also make the perfect gift for her if she has a busy schedule and doesn’t have enough time to put on lashes. You can apply them in less than a MINUTE GUARANTEED without glue or breaking the bank! Once you introduce her to magnetic, we PROMISE you she won’t go back! 


 Hopefully, you found something on the list that would give you a bit of ease with on-the-budget holiday shopping! If you have any ideas feel free to comment down your go-to budget-friendly holiday gifts.  

Since we’re getting closer and closer to Black Friday deals, these products may be on sale even more than what they already are. Be sure to grab a pair of magnetic lashes since they will be 50% OFF SITEWIDE! Sale ending after Black Friday! 

Happy Shopping!! 

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