A Beginners Guide to Magnetic Lashes

A Beginners Guide to Magnetic Lashes


Leave lash extensions and glue on false eyelashes back in the day!  And hop on the new wave of magnetic lashes. False eyelashes are super gorgeous but they can be intimidating for beginners and an expensive beauty investment over time!  Magnetic lashes are just as cute, cheaper, and easier to apply! If you have no clue how they work or what they do, keep reading to learn more!


Magnetic Lashes are like regular strip lashes- but with a bit of an extra flare! There's magnets on the lash band that attach to the magnetic liner. The magnetic liner is just like a typical liner, but there are “ionic particles” inside that give the duo “magnetic power” that is completely safe!


Step 1:

Apply an even line of magnetic liner to the upper eyelid, attempting to get close as possible to the lash line

Step 2:

Allow the liner to dry for 10-15 seconds

Step 3:

 Place the fake eyelash above your lash line. Once the eyeliner has dried, your should feel the lash “snap on”

You can put the eyelash on and off until it is placed the way you like without the hassle of applying more liner!


Traditional lashes and extensions are a no-go (at least in our opinion). As we mentioned they are super easy to apply and save so much time! Instead of paying $100+ for lash extensions of $5+ for single use traditional lashes, you could spend $20 for magnetic lashes that are safer and cheaper with the longest lifespan between the other two. Which one would you prefer? 

If you're interested in seeing what’s the hype with these “affordable magnetic lashes”, Check them out here:

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