10 Reasons Why you Need to Try Magnetic Lashes

10 Reasons Why you Need to Try Magnetic Lashes

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If you’re anything like me it would be amazing if you could apply your strip lashes in the blink of an eye, but sadly things just don’t work out that way. The amount of time it takes to apply them correctly without making a huge disaster with messy glue and ripping your natural lashes out is super irritating. Luckily, magnetic lashes have come to serve us justice by giving us Top Notch results in less than a minute! 


The first time I tried Magnetic lashes I fell in love with how simple and quick they were to apply, but they were a bit expensive. If you’ve never heard of Magnetic Lashes with eyeliner and how they work its nothing to worry about because they're a dream come true!

There’s no need for sticky glue or sandwiching two lashes on your lash line with an eyelash tool (believe me… they’re more frustrating to apply than using glue) Today I am going to give you 10 gems on why you should give magnetic lashes a try and never look back!





10 Reasons you need to try Magnetic Lashes

Saves TWICE as much TIME.

We spend all morning applying our makeup for over 30 minutes to wiping everything off our face in frustration 

(We must admit…without lashes our makeup doesn’t look bomb as it should


Magnetic lashes are super easy to apply and save you a ton of time! You simply apply the liner, allow it to dry for 15-20 seconds, and the lash snaps right on---like magnets! 

There’s no need for mascara, extra liner, and making a huge mess!


ANYONE can learn.

Whether you’re a total lash newbie or expert, we all have those moments when the lash glue gets all over our eyes, fingers, lash band…and countertops.  

It can be difficult to put the right about of glue on the lash band without experiencing a huge disaster! 

But magnetic lashes don’t require practice or skill. You can get the hang of it almost instantly or your first few times! 

They last up to 50 USES (Over a month)

Oftentimes, synthetic lashes can be used once, and faux lashes don’t last long as advertised.  Mink lashes typically last 5-7 uses on average (with proper care). 

The life span of them decreases especially for makeup newbies or times when you’re in a rush and glue runs off the lash band and ruins the hair fibers. 

Magnetic lashes last 10x longer than other strip lashes because they don’t require glue.

Since there’s no glue involved, the lashes aren’t weighed down and the hair fibers won’t experience build-up. The liner doesn’t clump on the lash band so it’s a lot easier to clean.


Saves you a TON of Money in the LONG RUN

Synthetic is an exceptionally cheap option but isn’t physically appealing as mink lashes. But minks are quite expensive ($10-$15) for a single pair that lasts 5-7 times. 

That’s almost spending $50 a month on lashes.

 What’s even more ridiculous is the fact of eyelash extensions costing somewhere between $150-$200.

Magnetic lashes can also be a bit expensive when there’s more of an upfront cost. Depending on where you’re purchasing them from, they typically run from $30+ for a single pair and $25-$35 for magnetic liner (both sold separately).  

Luckily Top Notch Metro offers a variety of styles ranging from natural, bold, and luxury 25mm for those who prefer certain styles and lengths while offering magnetic lashes at an affordable price!

The lashes are cheaper ranging from $20-$25 per pair and the magnetic liner costing $15 is more than a bang for your buck. The magnetic liner lasts up to 3 months and the lashes last up to 50 uses.

Here we’ve listed estimated yearly expenses based on how much you could expect to save wearing magnetic lashes vs. glue on lashes vs. other leading brands magnetic lashes:


$300 Top Notch Metro Magnetic lashes + eyeliner (CHEAPEST ALTERNATIVE)


$480 other brands Magnetic lashes +eyeliner (20% more)


$600 Glue on Strip lashes (%50 more)


$1800-2400 Lash Extensions (6-8x more)


Were going to let you be the judge of this, but I think we would all go with the most affordable and convenient on the list! 😊 


Safer and Hygienic 

Infections are prone to occur when bacteria build up under the lash glue and the lash hairs.  The allergic reaction oftentimes occurs because eyelash glue contains a chemical known as “formaldehyde” that causes itchiness, rashes, infections, burning, and swelling. 

Typically, this isn’t common amongst all people who wear lashes, it is a chance for something more severe to occur along the lines that could lead to eye injuries.

Overall, it’s best to skip the risks of lash glue and invest in using a magnetic liner that’s much safer.


Lasts All Day Long

Magnetic lashes are weatherproof and durable enough to last up to 12+ hours. Strip lashes typically last the same amount of time, but magnetics is clearly much more reliable. Glue on lashes typically lift in the corners or fall off completely most of the time in the span of 12 hours. 

You can put them on and take them off without applying more glue/ adhesive

Once you apply the magnetic liner, it’s almost guaranteed that it will last up to 12 hours/ all day.  In case you wanted to change a pair of lashes from wearing a natural pair to a 25mm bold look, you can simply snap them on. 

There’s no need to apply more magnetic liner. You can also alter the lash as much as you want without the need of putting on glue like you would have to do with lashes that require lash glue.


Won’t damage your natural lashes

You don’t have to worry about buildup on your lashes that you have to pull out or the painful days of removing your lashes finding a chunk of your natural lashes mixed in with the strip lashes

Since the liner doesn’t is applied on the lash line. It would not rip out your natural lashes because it has to dry before you place them on your eye. 

So, it’s less likely to weigh down your natural lashes.


Kill 2 birds in 1 stone 

You can kill 2 birds in 1 stone by applying liner and lashes in one go. 

The ultra-fine tip gives you the freedom to make precise lines and crisp designs so you don’t have to worry about using 2 separate liners when you could leave it to the magnetic liner by fulfilling 2 jobs all in one!


The liner is waterproof

The liner is nearly anything proof! It’s sweatproof, waterproof (lashes are water-resistant and windproof), and can survive almost anything!

Strip lashes are guaranteed to fall off or lift when facing the wind, water, tears, and sweat. 


Now that you’ve gotten insight, would you give them A Try?

We’d love to hear from you:

What type of lashes would you prefer to use or try out?

Strip Lashes, Extensions, or Magnetic Lashes? Comment Below!

Or maybe you’d like to give magnetic lashes a try without breaking the bank.

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