Say HELLO to applying your lashes INSTANTLY in 2 EASY steps!

Applying your lashes has become more than easier with Top Notch Metro! Simply line, magnetize, and lash out in less than a minute! We have a pair of lashes perfect for every baddie on a budget with lashes ranging from natural, medium, and 25mm.

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Say GOODBYE to messy glue & eyelash extensions.

It would be amazing if you could apply your strip lashes in the blink of an eye, but sadly things just don’t work out that way. The amount of time it takes to apply them correctly without making a huge disaster with messy glue and ripping your natural lashes out is super irritating. Luckily, magnetic lashes have come to serve us justice by giving us Top Notch results quickly, affordably, and flawlessly!

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  • Alexandria

    "I am in love with these lashes! I've had my 25mm lashes for over 2 months. I'm glad I've switched to magnetic. PERIOD."

  • Demande

    "As a beauty influencer I have to switch my lashes out constantly because of their short lifespan. This has saved me so much money and time in makeup routine!"

  • Elijah

    "These lashes are life changing! I suck at applying lashes and with Top Notch Metro's lashes I LITERALLY PUT THEM ON AND GO in less than a minute."

  • Sharita

    “These lashes gave me the perfect look and they were so easy to put on. I will be coming back for more. “

  • NeNe

    ”I used to be obsessed with lash extensions until I found these on Tik Tok, and tbh I’m glad I did😍”

  • Camren

    “This is my first time trying lashes and it was really simple. I didnt think the lashes would actually work but they did . It snapped right onto my eye instantly 😍”

  • KOA

    ”these lashes are gorgeous and I must admit that the liner is bullet proof!”

  • Camille

    ” Ever since I tried Top Notch Metro I haven’t even thought about using lash glue again. If you’re trying to look like a baddie on a budget and save your natural lashes you’re at the right place. My 25mm lashes lasted me over 2 months.”

  • Courtney

    ”This adds so much spice to my look since I’m not a huge makeup fan . As a busy mom I don’t have time to learn how to apply my lashes perfectly every day and lash extensions are way to expensive. I love the fact that I can throw on liner, the lash, and start my day”

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